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How can I apply for an internship through Der PRAKTIKANT?
Just send an email or fill in the contact form and ask for our enrolment form!

How do I get the work permit for Germany?
The student work permit for Germany calls ZAV allowance! To receive this allowance a ZAV document must be filled in from your university and send in original via courier along with your passport copy to us. At the same time your internship company has to fill in another ZAV document. As soon as we receive both documents, we apply for your ZAV allowance. The process takes between 3 and 5 weeks!  As soon as the ZAV allowance is given, it will be couriered to you immediately!

Can I complete an internship in Germany when I am graduated?
Of course you can, but the work permit process is quiet different! Whilst students can apply for a ZAV allowance, graduates must apply for a regularly work permit. This process takes up to 4 month!

When do I apply for my visa?
Students need to apply for their visa when they receive the ZAV allowance! The visa will be given normally within 1-2 weeks!
Graduates need to apply for their visa as soon as they have signed an internship contract, because of the internal process of the German authorities! The visa will be given as soon as your work permit is forward to the embassy in charge!

Do I receive a salary during my internship?
In Germany the law regulation shows that students entering Germany for an internship must be paid at presently Euro 670 per month. BUT companies offering accommodation and/or food have the right to deduct an amount of max. Euro 217 for food and Euro 211 for accommodation!
Graduates receive a higher salary, but the maximum deductions are the same!

Internships in other countries are mostly unpaid!

Do I pay taxes in Germany?
Only enrolled students completing their internship as a part of their curriculum don´t pay taxes!

Do I have to register myself?
When you reached Germany you have to register yourself at the registration office of your town!
There you receive a registration document as well as a tax card (german: Lohnsteuerkarte) which you have to give your Human Resources department!

I received a visa just for 3 month instead of 6 month, what´s to do now?
Generally, students receive a visa for 3 month at the German embassies abroad. This visa must be extended at the Aliens office, at least 2 weeks before your visa expire! Therefore you need to bring your passport, your ZAV allowance and the registration document from the registration office!

Do I have to pay for my visa extension?
Unfortunately yes! The fees are pending from town to town. They are between Euro 25 and Euro 60!

What is the max. period for internships in Germany?
Maximum you can complete an internship for 12 month! This time period can be take in one or split in different stays!

Do I receive my salary cash?
No! To receive your salary you have to open a bank account at a bank calls “Sparkasse”!