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Internships, Trainings and Apprenticeships in the German hotel Industry

‘Der Praktikant‘ – The agency responsible for internships, trainees and apprenticeships for hotel industry and catering

Perfect Match: motivated apprentices meet cosmopolitan hotels

Whether it is the hotel and restaurant that looks for an expert in hotel industry, or a student that is interested into an internship for hotel management; both strive for the same: a relationships that causes mutual satisfaction on both sides, while consisting of trust, esteem and the sense of duty. Here in Germany we have to search for the qualified personnel, whereas you as a motivated student or person looking for a apprentice living on the other side of the world search for us!

‚Der Praktikant‘ is therefore a specialized agency that arranges positions for internships, trainees and apprenticeships for over 13 years successfully: We as an agency are partners to over 100 hotels and restaurants here in Germany and we are aware of the official ways and bureaucratic necessities, too. Moreover, we have important business contacts that we take care of and we know where to find expectant qualified personnel.

We are an employment agency to create a connection between employers and trainees. It is our aim to get both sides not only contented but filled with enthusiasm.

We see ourselves as a partner in mediation of employer and apprentice. Our goal is that both sides are not only satisfied, but enthusiastic.

Corinna Roosen, Head Office Germany

Where can I find applicants for the apprenticeship?

Regarding to the Statista of 2017, a quarter up to a third positions for a apprenticeship in catering trade are left vacant. By noticing this, the hotel industry and also restaurants have to find new ways to find qualified personnel.


vacant positions for experts in restaurant sector

Current vacancies for Professionals out of the hotel and catering industry


vacant positions for experts in catering industry

vacant positions for apprenticeships in Germany (in every sector)

So that job and applicants fit together optimally

Dedicated apprentices, which are doing their job open minded and service oriented with joy

Hotels and Restaurants, which are able to rely on their employees and know that guests will be amazed. A dream match? Absolutely! For many Hotels and Restaurants are the questions is upcoming where to find Interns and Apprentices and what they have to do to find suitable applicants.

Advantages for Students

The agency ’Der Praktikant’ has many advantages for either students for hotel management, trainees or young people, who are searching for a apprenticeship in a German hotel or restaurant:

  • With our agency you can get business connections with hotels or restaurants, who are searching for you.
  • You get a suitable job and the perfect apprenticeship to guarantee for a good future.
    You get the certainty that your professional qualification and skills fit to the job you wish for.
  • You get a checklist that shows you, how to prepare yourself optimally.
  • You get help with the forms, department and the bureaucratic hindrances
  • You get a contact partner, who helps you during the whole duration of your contract of employment or apprenticeship

Advantages for Employers

The hotel and restaurant industry, who notice the potential of applicants form third countries, profit in many ways.

  • You get support with listing the desired professional qualification.
  • You can recruit suitable personnel without starting laborious searching by your own.
  • You get a suitable applicant, who fits to the position of work and to your team.
  • You are supported with bureaucratic forms
    You get a contact person, who supports you during the time of employing
  • With ‚Der Praktikant‘ you have a responsible partner for global recruitment

Our Speciality

For over 13 years ‘Der Praktikant’ is specialized on finding a position for students, interns and trainees. Worldwide.

  • A Global network with a focus on Asia and South America.
  • Close and personal connections to over 100 hotels and restaurants throughout Germany.
    Support for employers and employees, which starts with the search for application, to the arrival and finally to the end of the contract.
  • Of course: a professional understanding and respect for the necessities on both sides.

Our aim is to reach you through our service that hoteliers and restaurateurs get more time to focus on the core business.

The ideal – just a wish?

Dedicated apprentices, which are doing their job open minded and service oriented with joy. Hotels and Restaurants, which can rely on their employees and know that guests will be amazed.

A dream match? Absolutely! For many Hotels and Restaurants are the questions is upcoming where to find Interns and Apprentices and what they have to do to find suitable applicants. In direct communications with Hotels and Restaurants throughout Germany we see: the situation is precarious and solution very important.

Thousands of Euros are paid for job advertisements in relevant portals and journals – but often it remains only lost time, Energy and time. In the long run only one thing helps: the training and education in the own house.

We bring people together

’Der Praktikant’ is a service provider- it is a link between motivated students and the global, quality conscious hotels and restaurants. We like to satisfy both sides and we go to the greatest lengths to find a perfect match for you! And how?

We have the connections to both sides, we know the necessities and desires the hotels and restaurants have, but also the skills and professional qualifications the potential applicants from third countries have.

We take away the bureaucratic hindrances and are still contact persons, while the contract has already been signed.

Der Praktikant
Let us find instead of searching by your own

Over 100 hotels and restaurants have entrusted us during the last 13 years with interns and trainees. Hundreds of people have found an apprenticeship or gained experience as an intern in Germany, while being supported by us as an agency. International students and future trainees find a hotel or a restaurant with the help of ’Der Praktikant’, who assure you a bright future. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants finally find diligent interns and trainees, who convey their enthusiasm to the guests.

”Whoever sets oneself a goal to successfully complete an apprenticeship hotel industry and catering trade, knows that a lot of things are demanded, but is nevertheless ready to intentionally focus on this goal. If this attitude fits, then language and the department are no longer a hindrance.”

Corinna Roosen

Head Office Germany, "Der Praktikant"

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